RHET 2017

Colorado Springs, CO
6-7-8 November, 2017


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Dr. Jesse Mee

RHET 2017 Meeting Agenda - Tentative

Colorado Springs Marriott - Rocky Mountain Ballroom

Monday, November 06, 2017
2:00 PM1:00Tour - RAD Solutions
3:00 PM0:30
3:30 PM1:00Tour - Semiconductor Solutions
4:30 PM1:00
5:00 PM2:00Registration
5:30 PM1:30Welcome Reception
(Marriott - Rockrimmon 3&4)
7:00 PMEnd of Registration/Reception


Tuesday, November 07, 2017
7:00 AM1:00Registration & Breakfast
8:00 AM0:10Welcoming Remarks
Jesse Mee
(Air Force Research Laboratory)
8:10 AM0:15Cobham Overview
Tony Jordan
(Cobham Semiconductor)
8:25 AM0:25Space Electronics Technolgies Program Update
Ken Bole
(Air Force Research Laboratory)
8:50 AM0:25The NRO AS&T E&FT Program: A Status Update
Lew Cohn
9:15 AM0:25NSWC Crane Activities
Matt Gadlage
9:40 AM0:30AM Break
10:10 AM0:25Another Year in the Life of the NASA
Electronic Parts and Packaging (NEPP) Program

Ken LaBel
10:35 AM0:25Software Defined Networks in Contested Environments
and Smartphones for Spacecraft

Jim Lyke
(Air Force Research Laboratory)
11:00 AM0:50Keynote Address
Ron Sega (Maj Gen Ret.)
11:50 AM1:15Lunch (provided)
1:05 PM0:25Multi-E-Beam Litho (MEBL) Production System
– An Update

David Lam
1:30 PM0:25NASA High Performance Spacecraft Computing (HPSC)
Chiplet Development Program Overview

Jon Ballast
1:55 PM0:25TowerJazz Aerospace & Defense Business
and Technology Overview

Michael Scott
(Tower Jazz)
2:20 PM0:25GaN HEMTs Provide Significant Power Density & Radiation
Hardening Advantages for Spacecraft DC-DC Converters

Bruce Pilvelait
2:45 PM0:30PM Break
3:15 PM0:25Cobham Power Distribution Module and ASIC Update
Chris Clardy and Michael Rankins
(Cobham Semiconductor)
3:40 PM0:25Cubic Aerospace - Approach to Radiation
Requirements for Small Sats

John Bevilacqua
(CUBIC Aerospace)
4:05 PM0:25GSI Technology RadHard SRAMs Radiation &
Qualification Update and APU Next Steps

Paul Armijo
(GSI Technologies)
4:30 PM0:253D Memories and 32nm ASICs
Jim Hobbs
4:55 PM0:35End of session
5:30 PM3:00Cobham Reception
(Aspen Leaf Room)
8:30 PM0:00End Day 1


Wednesday, November 08, 2017
7:00 AM1:00Registration & Breakfast
8:00 AM0:05Day 2 Welcome
Jesse Mee
8:05 AM0:30Cobham RAD and Standard Product Update
Joe Benedetto and Michelle Mundie
(Cobham Semiconductor)
8:35 AM0:25RAD5545(R) SoC & RADNET(TM) ASSP Product Update
Stephen Johnson
9:00 AM0:25Reduce your Analog Design Costs by 10x -
a real life example at 16nm

Thomas L Wolf
(Silicon Technologies Inc)
9:25 AM0:25Semiconductor Process and Parts Qualification
& Reliability Characterization System

Craig Wentzel
(Ridgetop Group)
9:50 AM0:25AM Break
10:15 AM0:25RH ASIC Prototyping in the Cloud
Jim Kemerling
10:40 AM0:25Radiation-Hardened Analog / Mixed Signal / RF IP
and IC Solutions

Andrew Levy
11:05 AM0:25Radiation Hardened Analog Design in Commercial Processes
Anton Quiroz
(Apogee Semiconductor)
11:30 AM0:25VORAGO ARM-based Microcontrollers and Solutions
Ross Bannatyne
(VORAGO Technologies)
11:55 AM1:15Lunch (provided)
1:10 PM0:25Updates on the RH 32-bit RICS processor
Alonzo Vera
1:35 PM0:25M&A, Inc. support for DoD Nuclear Deterrent Modernization
Randall Milanoski
(Milanowski & Associates Inc.)
2:00 PM0:25Rad-Hard By Design Near-Threshold Computing (NTC)
14nm Program Update

Manuel Cabanas-Holmen
2:25 PM0:25Deep Space Avionics and Asteroid Mining
Krunal Desai
(Planetary Resources)
2:50 PM0:30PM Break
3:20 PM0:25Component and System Analysis in a
Harsh Radiation Environment

Steven Wix
(Sandia National Labs)
3:45 PM0:25Space Memory Components for the Next Decade
Helmut Puchner
4:10 PM0:25Update on Renessa Acquisition & Rad Tolerant Plastic
Josh Broline
4:35 PM0:05Meeting Wrap-up


Thursday, November 09, 2017
8:15 AM1:00Tour - RAD Solutions
9:15 AM0:15
9:30 AM1:00Tour - Semiconductor Solutions
10:30 AMEnd

Guest Speaker

Ronald Michael Sega, Ph.D.

Ronald Michael Sega

Retired Major General in the United States Air Force and former NASA astronaut.

Mr. Sega is a professor of systems engineering and Vice President for Energy and the Environment at the Colorado State University Research Foundation, a non-profit advocacy organization supporting CSU. He is also the Vice President and Enterprise Executive for Energy and Environment at The Ohio State University.

From August 2005 to August 2007, he served as Under Secretary of the Air Force.

Additional information can be found at:

Conference Hours

Monday, 6 Nov: 5:30pm - 7pm (Reception)
Tuesday, 7 Nov: 7:00am - 5pm
Wednesday, 8 Nov: 7:00am - 5pm

Venue & Hotel Block

Colorado Springs Marriott
5580 Tech Center Drive Colorado Springs, CO 80919

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